Monday, January 3, 2011

Progress Update - 01/03/2011


Today's post is the update to my previous post, Progress Information, with my current stats and comparison photos as of today, 01/03/2011.  I had blood tests performed at CVS Minute Clinic this morning at 9 am in a 12-hr fasted state.  After the blood tests, I had a light breakfast of eggs, bacon, swiss cheese, and water at Lifetime Fitness while reading and waiting for my fitness tests there.  I was very pleased with some of the results, but I see that I made little or no progress in others.  So with the good and bad news, I have more data and more theories to test.

Data Update

7/1/2010 8/1/2010 1/3/2011
Weight 195 lbs 185 lbs 170 lbs
Body Fat (Scale) 22.4% 20.8% 18.9%
Body Fat (Calipers) 17.3% 14.2%
Exercise Max
Chin Ups 0 4 7
Pull Ups 0 2 4
Standard Push Ups 10 25 41
Diamond Push Ups 4 10 22
CVS Minute Clinic
Fasting Glucose 69 83
A1C 5.6% 5.6%
Total Cholesterol 237 200
LDL unable to calculate 145
HDL 45 45
Triglycerides < 50 < 50
TC/HDL Ratio 5.3 5.3
Blood Pressure 121/86 118/80
Waist 36 35
Framingham Risk 3% 1%
10-yr Heart Disease Moderate Risk Low Risk
Lifetime Fitness
Max VO2 36.5 37.8
Bicep Strength 89 91
Sit and Reach 15 15.5
Overall Fitness 55.6% Not Calculated
Age 32 33
BodyAge 30 30
3 Site Skin-fold
Chest 14
Abdomen 20
Thigh 12

Data Analysis

I will start at the top and work my way down the table. First, over the past 6 months, my total weight loss is now 25 lbs.  I know the caliper method is more accurate, so I am going by those measurements.  I just use the scale measurements for easy daily/weekly tracking of movement.  I surpassed my goal of 15% to 14.2% which makes me very proud!  Body fat percentage is one on my major goals so this result is inspiring to continue as I have been doing.

Exercise max reps have all approximately doubled.  I consider this acceptable for the amount of work that I have put in since Aug 1st.

My fasting glucose increased from 69 to 83, but 80 is optimal so I don't see any problem with this result.  HbA1C results were the same at 5.6% which is a little high, but OK.  Total cholesterol dropped from 237 to 200.  I am happy with this drop but I am not that worried about trying to lower it any further.  All other lipid panel results stayed the same and are acceptable to me.

My Max VO2 increased slightly, but I was hoping for a little more.  This is something I want to work on.  Bicep strength showed only a small increase and that surprised me.  I did not expect my sit and reach to increase very much since I have always been generally flexible and did not focus on flexibility over the past 6 months.  This test's results did not have a calculation of "Overall Fitness".  Even though my data age increased by 1 year, my BodyAge remained at 30.  I do not know exactly how calculate this, but I will take it as at east definitely not negative results.  Actual measurements from the 3 point skin-fold method were listed on the results printout this time, so I have added those fields.

So, in summary, the numbers that should be low have stayed the same or dropped and the numbers that should be high have stayed the same or increased.  I accept this as evidence of overall positive progress over the past 6 months and look forward to even better results at the end oh the next 3 months with my new methods under test.

Photo Comparisons

More Updates To Come

My next partial progress update will be on 02/01/2011 with more strength and training data.