Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid-Month Update for March

I just wanted to post up a quick mid-month update for March.

I am currently still happy with my decision to move my gym membership from Life Time Fitness to the Zoo Health Club. The Zoo gym has all of the resources that I need from a local gym without paying for additional features that I do not use. I have decided to switch weeks between home gym workouts and Zoo gym workouts. Switching up gym location each week has helped to prevent boredom/adaptation.

I stuck to my nutrition rules on 5th/6th weekend but I slipped in a Snickers Ice Cream bar and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on Sunday the 13th. The Snicker's was fucking delicious and the B&J was skrumptdidduliumptious! No regrets. I had one (ok...2) slip(s), but I am owning that decision made at that time and moving forward. Honestly, sticking to "the program" as strictly as I have been for several months now is so completely different than how I have ate for the majority of my life that I would consider one ice cream treat per month as an allowable "cheat" and not something that is going to send me to an early grave. Yes, it is definitely not Paleo nor Primal and would be highly discouraged in most nutritional guides, but I have to allow for one treat per month in my personal diet rulebook to maintain sanity. Limiting = Can Live With, but Not Allowed = Drive Rich Crazy. Those that follow Martin already know of his Cheesecake Mastery skills. One of my nicknames in college was Cookie after the Cookie Monster because of my go-to munchie item being any form of cookie. So, the legend of Cookie continues...

This month I started only weighing myself once per week on Saturday mornings. My weekly weights have been as follows: 2011-03-05@ 167.2 lbs and 2011-03-12 @ 166.8 lbs. According to the scales calculations via bio-impedance, my body fat has dropped slightly and muscle mass has increased slightly. According to my HowMyClothesFit meter and my HowILookInTheMirror scale, I see slight to moderate improvement in comparable historic metrics.

That's all for the updates for now. My next scheduled publish will be for the March Update Report including updates to measurements, labs, workout info, and picture comparisons to be published on or shortly after April 1, 2011.