Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 Updates

I just wanted to give a quick update as the month of July comes to a close. 

I am trying out Google+ and I like it so far.  The circles concept is what I have thought was missing from Facebook which caused me to not use it very much.  If you would like a Google+ invite, just hit me up in the comments section.

I am pasting below my post on Google+ for today:


This morning, I'm eating 3 Pederson's Farms breakfast sausage links with 3 Vital Farms eggs scrambled with a little Heini's cheddar cheese after a good morning body-weight workout. My plans for the rest of the morning are to catch up on some blog reading then get caught up on any mail/bills.

I am excited about my attempt at observing my own version of Ramadan next month. For the month of August, I will fast during the daylight hours. As this is my first attempt, I do not want to make it too extreme, so I will allow myself water during daylight hours, which is prohibited under strict observance of Ramadan.

I want to do this for spiritual reasons, not religious reasons. So, I will not be taking on Islamic religious ideas like not eating pork or reading a section of the Qur'an each night. Those are religious things. I want to experience the spiritual things like practicing my patience with others and self-control, appreciating what you have and lessening the desire for what you do not have, expressing true love, charity and good-will towards others in need when you have surplus, etc. There are many spiritual things that one can take from observing this religion-based practice that are not specifically Islamic, and I want to experience those things to see if I can grow from those experiences and gain more understanding and sympathy for others.

I may not refer to my Ramadan observance in each day's post during the month of August, but, if you are following my posts, then you will know that this will be going on all month and will most likely have an influence on my posts during this time period.

I have today and tomorrow to "get prepared", so wish me luck! Or not..tempt me and challenge my to maintain my dedication to this task. Either support or assaults will both be accepted with gratitude.


I am still evaluating the features of Google+ and will be making posts in both locations while I make my decision on which location I think works best for my purposes.

I have strayed from optimal eating and physical activity over the past couple of months and my body is definitely expressing it's incompatibility with the way I have been treating it.  I am going to do my best to use this month of Ramadan observance to reset my mind, body, and soul back into the state of harmony and union that they were in earlier this year.  This will be an awesome birthday present to myself if I can regain my previous state then continue the positive progress to excel beyond my previous best to achieve new heights.

As I always say, I cannot promise to post more often, but I am going to try.  I just do not want to post something every day solely for the purpose of maintaining a regular schedule of posts.  I only want to post quality information that I believe is worth your time to read.  So, with that said, I'll be back when I feel I have something worth saying.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Morning Food for Thought

Good Friday morning to everyone!

If you have not heard of Paul Chek, then you are in for a treat today.  The first time I heard anything about Paul Chek was back when I was all into Underground Wellness and I watched all of hisvideo blogs and listened to every radio show that Sean made.  He was always singing praises of Paul Chek and his book "How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy".  After listening to a radio show with Paul as the guest, I knew this was an intelligent and good-hearted man who is extremely passionate about helping others to find the true root of their problems and teaching them how to heal themselves.

I listen closely to what he says and meditate with his thoughts to assimilate them into my own life.  I will warn you that he can seem a little wacko/crazy/not-right-in-the-head at times in his presentation methods and general personality.  Anyone who is truly intelligent, sincere, and passionate about the message they are trying to get across can be taken that way by people who are not used to experiencing true passion.

Last night I read a 4-part series on his blog at Paul Check's Blog.  I cannot suggest with enough enthusiasm that you should read this series.  I believe that this is highly valuable and incredibly useful information that he has offered up for free.  The four-part series is linked below:
  1. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 1
  2. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 2
  3. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 3
  4. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 4
This morning, I will be reading his article titled "The Dream Weaver" in case you want to read it before reading my next post about it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky 7's

Today is 2011-07-07.  I know that numbers in dates do not really mean anything, and it may sound like a gimmick, but I'm taking today as a lucky day to start a new experiment.  Starting today and to continue until my birthday, Sept 29th, I will be trying a couple of new things out.

Since I just picked a random day to start because I liked the numbers in it and chose my birth date day as an end date, no special numbers should come out of that, right?  Well, for those of you like me that like numbers, 84 days may sound random, but it just happens to be exactly 2 months and 22 days or 12 weeks.  So no matter how much I try to ignore interesting number combinations, they always sneak back in.  Moving on...

New Experimental Tasks:
  1. Maintain a diet that follows the Primal Blueprint.
  2. Maintain a physical activity routine that follows the Primal Blueprint.
  3. Put in no more than 40 hours per week in the office.
  4. Keep Sunday as family, friends, and personal recovery day.
  5. Donate at least 1 hour per week as a mentor.
  6. Find a mentor to spend at least 1 hour per week with.
  7. Participate in at least one volunteer activity per month.

I will be posting updates on this experiment including both successes and failures.  I have just now joined in a first attempt at meeting requirements 5 and 6.  I will update here on how that goes.

I am honestly having the same difficulty with 7 as I have had in the past.  I do not mean to sound cynical, but all of the "volunteer" opportunities that I can find are either a real part-time job that someone just does not want to pay someone to do or the volunteer opportunity is too closely-tied to a religious organization where part of the volunteer activity is to spread their religious beliefs.

If anyone reads this and has any suggestion, please send them because I am at a loss here.

Until my next update, respect yourself first and be kind to one another.