Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That Paleo Guy: Are Carbs the Enemy?

Great post, Jamie!  I would like to share my thoughts.

There is one word that everyone seems to dance around because they are scared to use it: Addict.

If you have an alcoholic drink first thing in the morning, another mid-morning, another for lunch, another mid-afternoon, then several at night, and have to keep this schedule up to maintain the chemical state that alcohol puts your body into without beginning to experience withdrawal systems, everyone would would agree that you are an alcohol addict.

The same goes for any substance (read as 'drug') that significantly alters your body's chemical balance away from homeostasis.  No one is afraid to use the word addict with those substances, because "drugs are bad", but everyone seems to be scared to use it with carbohydrates, because carbohydrates are chocolate chip cookies, fudge sundaes, pasta, and garlic bread.

I'm not scared.  People eating high-carbohydrate diets are carbohydrate addicts in denial.  I have been an addict before so I know exactly what I an talking about.

When they say a low-carb diet is "hard to stick to", I see that no different as an alcoholic saying a low alcohol lifestyle is hard to stick to.  Yes, because you are addicted to how it makes you feel but it's effects wear off quickly so you must re-dose often and you develop a tolerance over time, so you slowly increase the amount of each dose.  I think the term "downward spiral " applies very well to this situation.

I'm not scared and I'm calling everyone out.  You are all CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTS who let the carbohydrates take control of your life away from you.  I know this is true because I am an former carbohydrate addict myself.  I just did not realize it until I was free from the roller-coaster ride that is that lifestyle.

AND...when everyone around you is that way, then is MUST be normal, right?  If I am a carbohydrate addict then everyone around me is also, so that can't be true. Or is it?