Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Morning Food for Thought

Good Friday morning to everyone!

If you have not heard of Paul Chek, then you are in for a treat today.  The first time I heard anything about Paul Chek was back when I was all into Underground Wellness and I watched all of hisvideo blogs and listened to every radio show that Sean made.  He was always singing praises of Paul Chek and his book "How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy".  After listening to a radio show with Paul as the guest, I knew this was an intelligent and good-hearted man who is extremely passionate about helping others to find the true root of their problems and teaching them how to heal themselves.

I listen closely to what he says and meditate with his thoughts to assimilate them into my own life.  I will warn you that he can seem a little wacko/crazy/not-right-in-the-head at times in his presentation methods and general personality.  Anyone who is truly intelligent, sincere, and passionate about the message they are trying to get across can be taken that way by people who are not used to experiencing true passion.

Last night I read a 4-part series on his blog at Paul Check's Blog.  I cannot suggest with enough enthusiasm that you should read this series.  I believe that this is highly valuable and incredibly useful information that he has offered up for free.  The four-part series is linked below:
  1. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 1
  2. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 2
  3. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 3
  4. Are You on a Mental-Emotional Merry-Go-Round - Part 4
This morning, I will be reading his article titled "The Dream Weaver" in case you want to read it before reading my next post about it.

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